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They've been, they've gone...

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jcsp Thu 22-Sep-16 22:52:12

Been there, done that, have got the bags under my eyes! It's Sod's law that you've only got the crap books left or they've all got homework.

We has a departmental mocksted recently, but after y11 had left.

Head could not get his head round the fact that I had no Y11 books at all. "they needed them for revision and they've done the exam and now left."

We had tears, hod's, stress. SMT could not understand. We had feedback - very one sided. I decided that that wasn't right so I talked about it from our point of view. ( I was really the only one who could give gentle home truths as I was retiring)

Two days of hell, worse than actual ofsted.

Fine for me too - I've retired! I did 34 years so time for a change.

mineofuselessinformation Wed 21-Sep-16 19:46:23

And I'm beside myself with tiredness.
I'm also feeling frustrated that I got observed as a tutor but not as a subject teacher - again! We had a Mocksted last term and I wasn't seen then either.
I had to hand in books for scrutiny, but all of the relevant ones were already out as the groups had homework, so I had to cobble some together (hod came to me as she knew my books are 'decent').
She also came to bother me at 7.30 to ask me to select students for a panel interview.
I could go on, but don't have the energy, except gaaaaah!
Anyone else feeling the pain?

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