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First week back - how did it go?!

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Ditsyprint40 Sat 10-Sep-16 08:35:13

Just following on from the panic and dread of last week.. How was your first week back?

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TheTroubleWithAngels Sat 10-Sep-16 10:19:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LunaLambBhuna Sat 10-Sep-16 11:01:11

So far so good. Pretty tired.

I've had some nice classes this week although I don't want to speak too soon because I haven't met all year 10s yet!

Amazingly polite group of year 7 kids!

PicInAttic Sat 10-Sep-16 12:25:28

Lovely but large-for-us class of Y6 children. We only just fit into the classroom now so have forbidden them from growing during year! Have really enjoyed the week with them : )

CharleyDavidson Sat 10-Sep-16 12:30:02

Lovely. Class much easier on the whole than last year's was, even at this early stage.

(Have now jinxed it though, I'm sure!)

PicinAttic - my first classroom was tiny. There was only room in there for the 30 children's tables. And only if they squashed in a bit. Their trays, my desk and shelves were outside the classroom in the shared area.
The room had a sliding door and, when I had someone elses class for one lesson a week I had to have the sliding door open and their table on the threshold, looking in to the classroom space. There wasn't really space for them all to stand up and untuck their chairs at the same time. Don't really know how it was safe to be honest. Luckily, they then had an extension and that room is no longer a classroom. And they gave me the new (in 2000!) classroom as a reward for putting up with cramped conditions for those years.

TealGiraffe Sat 10-Sep-16 12:31:36

Not too bad, i work as a TA in primary. Everyone was complaining of being tired by thursday though!
We've had 3 new kids starting in my class this week (year 4), so spent a lot of time settling them. ( one LAC, one part time in PRU, one new to country).

Lots of tears from the kids this week, they all seem to be mega sensitive, probably due to tiredness from being back in routine. Lots of 'miss he's looking at meeeee!' type of complaints....

Sure we will all be fine from next week grin

Lara2 Sat 10-Sep-16 21:09:50

Pretty good, but feel like I have spent every morning with 12 toddlers (year 1 nurture-ish group). grin

RevealTheHiddenBeach Sat 10-Sep-16 23:01:00

Monday was horrific and brought on a cascade of self doubt, but the week definitely improved! Really enjoying my (y4) class by Friday but trying not to think ofhow many weeks til half term!

OneOfTheGrundys Sun 11-Sep-16 07:48:13

I know what you mean wrt the sensitivity. Lots of tired eyes and floppiness by Wednesday with ours. They'll get into the swing though I'm sure.

I was in bed most of yesterday with a migraine and my shoulders are so tense. I don't feel stressed but I think my body's telling me that I am really!

Iwanttoseethesea Sun 11-Sep-16 07:56:14

I'm in Yr 2, but came up with the class from Yr1 which is good as you know them all straight away. It's all been a bit full on - I went to bed at 8pm on Friday! Thinking I may need to get fitter (and stop drinking wine) to cope with how hectic it's going to be.

Scorbus Sun 11-Sep-16 08:59:33

Very full on and tiring but I love my new class and they've made the first week very enjoyable.

SawdustInMyHair Sun 11-Sep-16 20:24:12

We've had kids back for 3 days. Not taught anything useful yet, it's all been busy work and some bits I threw in for assessment, as we're not MTPing until Tuesday. I've learned all the names, lost several from my class list over the holidays, and finalised my seating plan and displays.

But it's Eid on Monday, so at least 1/3 of my class will hopefully be out of my hair celebrating with their families.

Rosieposy4 Sun 11-Sep-16 20:48:52

Mad. Have loads of classes still to meet. Those i have had have mostly been fine to wonderful except for one year 8 class who were unexpectedly pretty revolting. I never teach y7 though so i didn't know any of them, at least with the older kids i usually already know who the tricky ones might be. Both my new y10 groups are delightful 😀. Was so tired on friday would quite happily have cried at my desk by 4 pm.

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