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Secondary Supply teachers - how much do you work?

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waitingforsomething Tue 06-Sep-16 06:13:19

I am living overseas at the moment, followed my husband on a year long contract and we have 5 months left. To keep myself occupied I have been doing supply teaching at an International school. It's huge so even though I don't teach a core subject I have been able to average a couple of days work a week, more if I wanted it. Here the money is a bonus but when we go home in Feb I will need the money from work. I had planned to search for a permanent job but I have really liked the flexibility of supply. While it comes with it's stresses (like having to improvise lessons a lot!) I like, while my children are small, that 3pm is the end of the day for me and I like being able to turn down work guilt free if the children are sick or have something on that I need to go to.

So, my question is, those of you who do supply in secondary how much work do you get? Is it enough to live on if your partner works also? I live in a city and my subject is secondary music if that helps with any answers. Thank you.

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