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What do you eat for lunch when at school?

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rollonthesummer Wed 31-Aug-16 22:59:21

I've always had sandwiches/rolls, but could really do with losing a bit of weight and feel like having toast for breakfast and rolls for lunch might be too much bread?!

I only get about 10/15 minutes 'eating' time these days and often eat at my desk, so what else can I eat that isn't bread, isn't messy, can be eaten quickly and doesn't need heating up?! And contains zero calories grin

seven201 Wed 31-Aug-16 23:06:34

I went though a phase 2 years of eating either bran flakes or crunchy nut cornflakes. This was mainly down to laziness though. Sorry I can't really help much as I mostly eat sandwiches or left overs or cereal about once a week. I am luckily I'm that I'm near the food technology room so can stash stuff there!

happyelf Wed 31-Aug-16 23:08:59

I take soup in a thermos flask or salads

DelphiniumBlue Wed 31-Aug-16 23:13:29

Soup or salad, plus some protein like hardboiled egg or fish. Maybe a yoghurt or banana.

Thegiantofillinois Wed 31-Aug-16 23:16:01

2 slices brown bread with Philadelphia. Make itwhilekettle boils in the morning, eaten in seconds.nuts/ raisins for pudding, unless someone's nipped out to Asda.

noblegiraffe Wed 31-Aug-16 23:16:21

I'd switch the toast for breakfast rather than the sandwiches for lunch, just because it's hard enough to eat lunch while working without having something that requires a fork or a microwave. Weetabix? I find it fills me up and keeps me going way more than other breakfast options.

Thegiantofillinois Wed 31-Aug-16 23:17:08

I put more weight on making wraps etc cos of the filling :-/ sauces I used.I think.

rollonthesummer Wed 31-Aug-16 23:17:11

It takes me ages to eat soup- I must be a really slow eater!!

I like the idea of a nice salad, but need to be organised and have stuff in and then remember to actually make it!!

wobblywonderwoman Wed 31-Aug-16 23:21:14

Banana and yoghurt most days

leccybill Wed 31-Aug-16 23:21:16

I find wraps a bit less bready and quite quick and easy to eat.
I'm normally finishing my apple well into period 5!

Jaimx86 Wed 31-Aug-16 23:26:03

A boiled egg at break, then an
Egg and a tin of tuna for lunch. Plus a Greek yoghurt if I have time

DandelionAndBedrock Wed 31-Aug-16 23:28:00

I have porridge or bircher museli most days (normally at about 4pm hmm). Porridge reheats in the microwave quickly, or you could just get instant sachets and make them up in a big mug.

Oldwestaction Wed 31-Aug-16 23:36:22

Something like a pasta salad, (prepped at home the night before) followed by fruit and yoghurt. I'm a TA so usually take my full lunch break, so usually have time for left overs from the night before warmed up and some fruit/yoghurt or a cereal bar.
If you're not wanting to eat bread twice could you have eggs or something for breakfast and bread at lunch? For breakfast I sometimes boil eggs the night before and then have them cold in the morning with some ham.

PinkFluffiUnicorn Wed 31-Aug-16 23:47:41

I put salad in a jar, dressing at the bottom, pasta, carrot, beetroot, peas,pine nuts etc then whatever leafy stuff, spinach or lettuce on the top, then I just shake for a nice freshly tossed salad

Rosieposy4 Wed 31-Aug-16 23:57:04

I am one of the evil sort ( according to the unions) that swaps a lunch duty for 5 free lunches. I like it, i spend every lunch time with the kids anyway so may as well get some grub for it.
We have a huge choice but i usually choose something like tomato and mozarella salad or chicken salad. It comes with a tray bake or fruit, this term i will deny myself flapjack and munch on melon ( sad face our kitchen staff make the best fruit and seed flapjack in the world)

TwllBach Thu 01-Sep-16 08:33:15

I am of the salad persuasion too - make it the night before while prepping dinner and it's good to go! Otherwise I fall into the trap of either school dinners (cook does MASSIVE teacher portions) or going to the (shit) shop off site and buying sausage rolls carby goodness

MrsGuyOfGisbo Thu 01-Sep-16 11:42:34

houmous or cottage cheese and oatcakes.

Goldrill Thu 01-Sep-16 12:18:52

My biggest problem is not having fresh stuff in at home or remembering (being bothered) to do anything with it.

My emergency solution is:
packet of instant couscous with flavour of some sort
frozen peas (microwave)
half a block of feta chopped up (feta keeping for several decades in the fridge)
... and if I am feeling really enthusiastic I might even fry off a courgette and bung it in.

Not very exciting but requires no effort, and when you find it two days later in the fridge because you forgot to take it, it is still edible.

(PS: The Little Book of Lunch is worth a read too!)

DameDoom Thu 01-Sep-16 15:51:10

I buy a bag of rocket and a bag of watercress which I keep in the staffroom fridge for the week. I have a stockpile of tinned mackerel in tomato sauce in my cupboard and have that with the jar of capers and cornichons.
I have the tinned mackerel for 2 days and then cottage cheese or an avocado on other days. I also keep hard- boiled eggs in my desk drawer. Stinky.
A varied lunch menu, I do not have! I low-carb so I am rarely hungry these days. If I'm not, I just don't eat.

MauriceMoss Thu 01-Sep-16 17:00:07

Our school is opposite a fish and chip shop and also a shop that sells corned beef pie and chips with gravy & mushy peas.

I go there on the (rare) occasions I get a lunch break where I don't need to mark/photocopy/do boosters.

<fat and poor>

CharleyDavidson Thu 01-Sep-16 20:32:44

I have 2 work lunch choices through the year. Lunch is not a meal for variety and interest, just filling a hole and stopping me being hungry.

In warm weather it's always salad. In colder weather it's soup. But in a mug so it's quicker and easier to drink from the mug rather then using a bowl and spoon. I do finish it off with a cereal bar and some fruit but am trying to ditch the cereal bar habit.

I don't eat breakfast either.

ninnypoo Fri 02-Sep-16 20:40:54

Usually I alternate between a bagel with Philadelphia or instant cous cous with some feta. Or buy a jacket potato from the shop over the road (though that is slowly bankrupting me!)

RevealTheHiddenBeach Sat 03-Sep-16 08:53:18

Our school (primary ) we get free school lunches if we eat with the chn. I find it forces me to sit down for 10 mins and eat properly, and as long as I stop the lovely kitchen staff from piling the plate high then it's a relatively healthy option!

BizzyFizzy Sat 03-Sep-16 18:27:53

I have school lunches. I try to avoid breakfast and tea, but the flesh is weak.

phlebasconsidered Sat 03-Sep-16 22:38:07

I make a vat of soup every weekend with veg and pulses. It lasts all week and I just microwave it in the morning and stick it in a flask. If it's a staff meeting late night I take bread to eat with it.

If I don't do this I eat all the doughnuts in the staff room or pot noodling. I have to eat a good lunch. If I eat sandwiches or pasta I am too sleepy for afternoon teaching!

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