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Year 11 Intervention Ideas

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user1464511171 Sat 27-Aug-16 23:38:05

What strategies / ideas have worked in your school? I am in charge of year 11 intervention and this year I am looking for a few new ideas to mix things up a bit. Key issues that need addressing;

1. Student aspirations
2. Stretching the top end students
3. Revision workshops/ good outside providers.
4. Engaging parents
5. Getting students to take more responsibility.

All suggestions will be appreciated!

noblegiraffe Sat 27-Aug-16 23:58:34

Some interesting thoughts on Y11 intervention here: Interventions breed learned helplessness

Getting students to take more responsibility will never happen when we lay on a suite of revision sessions so that they don't have to bother listening in lessons.

DellaPorter Sun 28-Aug-16 00:14:27

Probably a bit late by the time they are in y11

But ...
How will you target? Which students need intervention?
English ... Maths ...?
Pp students?
Any mileage in dropping a subject to free up time to focus on the core?
What time is available for intervention and who will do it
Easter revision?
After school?
Do you have a VlE?
Access to GCSE pod, something like that?

The goalposts are all changing with p8

Previously it was a question of securing c grades in en/Ma plus 3 others and an effective system included maximising the chances of an eligible English pass ... Things like an ECDL crash course for students missing a 5th likely pass

PIXL is the source for tactics to maximise success at accountability measures

noblegiraffe Sun 28-Aug-16 00:37:23

More reference to PIXL suggestions here:

Ofsted know that schools are using ECDL to game progress 8 and won't be impressed.

LockedOutOfMN Sun 28-Aug-16 00:51:27

Does your school use Google Classroom? This is a good way to get students to take responsibility: create one classroom for all exam. subjects and then one post (best in alphabetical order) for each subject. Ask the HoD to fill in their post (or give you the info. and materials) with their instructions on how to study and attach key revision resources. Give students the opportunity to respond to the posts, with questions (encourage them to answer each other) and adding their own revision materials, and links to useful quizzes, videos etc. they've found online.

DellaPorter Sun 28-Aug-16 01:11:29

Noble giraffe, I am not saying I approve of PIXL ... More that intervention needs to be quite strategic, given limited time for both staff and students. And with p8, the strategy will be different to previously. Though still need to focus on what subjects need support, and how can time be made to provide the support

noblegiraffe Sun 28-Aug-16 01:17:44

Oh the gaming thing is wrong, but the blog I linked to did say that quite a lot of their suggestions were positive and useful.

user1464511171 Sun 28-Aug-16 09:25:36

Thanks everyone. This year we achieved the best results the school has ever seen. This was on the back of a comprehensive programme of intervention that I tracked. It included additional English and Maths sessions, after school revision, student and parent workshops etc. We started intervention with year 10 last year and I want to build on it this year, but in different ways.

What do you do with students who finish subject exams early?

We do ECDL, any ideas for additional intervention for the ones that finish early?

How can I build student aspirations?

We don't seem to get the number of A/A*s we should, any ideas to support students at the top end?

DellaPorter Sun 28-Aug-16 09:31:10

School provides revision guides
Exam day breakfasts
Aim higher type stuff for aspirations of the higher achievers? (Call in parents)
Exemplars of a/a* answers?
'Walking talking mocks'

user1464511171 Sun 28-Aug-16 09:52:51

User DellaPorter

Really helpful stuff, thanks. I also totally agree about intervention in year 11 in theory being too late, this year I have timetabled lessons to support year 7/8 students with Maths and English.

I guess I am looking for a bit of a wow factor, we did loads last year and got the reward with the results. Now I want to build on what we did and add a few new things.

DellaPorter Sun 28-Aug-16 10:15:49

Good but expensive - students have always said it's very useful

How about 1:1 mentoring by a senior teacher?

DellaPorter Sun 28-Aug-16 10:18:22

Any ex students who might come in and speak?

Or even 6th formers who have wisdom to impart about what went well and what didn't?

How about going through in each subject to create revision files for each student - help them to gather the information they will need to review

DellaPorter Sun 28-Aug-16 10:19:29

Create posters for each subject with key revision info for classroom display and review at breakfast on the exam day

DellaPorter Sun 28-Aug-16 10:22:43

Lots of good ideas here

DellaPorter Sun 28-Aug-16 10:42:00

Not having y11 study leave (or much less) is also one approach, if you can staff a continuing focussed timetable right up till exams

user1464511171 Sun 28-Aug-16 11:11:39

We kept students until the very end this year, by adapting the timetable. Not sure how it will work this year with the different exams. Definitely need to do something with the early finishers though. They need structured revision sessions, it will not happen if they go on study leave.

We also have our annual GCSE Success Evening in October.

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