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Any ideas for activities for during registration?

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Whereisthegreenergrass Sat 13-Aug-16 21:20:38

I'm an NQT this year and have been given a registration class, the school want to make the most of this time and would like activities etc. Some weeks they will give us tasks but other times I will need to provide tasks.

Obviously I have a 10 minute window in which I have to also take a register and deal with latecomers.

Any ideas? I was thinking some words searches or sudoku type games or quizzes. The year group is S1 so the first week or so (starting Monday) will be lots of forms etc.

Acopyofacopy Sun 14-Aug-16 11:34:56

I am assuming S1 is secondary? I have done these in the past:
- silent reading (my favourite!!) grin
- "this is me" - students prepare a quiz about themselves ("what is my pet called" kind of things). Class guess. I found it stupid, Y8s loved it.
- watch Newsround / the news and discuss
- get iPads and play kahoots (big hit)
- play "stop the bus"

Whereisthegreenergrass Sun 14-Aug-16 13:52:13

Great ideas acopy a friend suggested silent reading too grin

Yeah first year in secondary so 11-12 year olds.

TeaBelle Sun 14-Aug-16 13:55:01

Could you focus on skills/knowledge that may not be covered in other areas e.g. quizes based on current events, note taking, organisation, reading a time table

CharleyDavidson Sun 14-Aug-16 16:21:56

Sparky teaching has a question of the day that can be good.

They upload new ones through the year, but you can see some of last year's questions if you scroll down the page.

OneOfTheGrundys Sun 14-Aug-16 20:28:32

Lots of little brain teasers etc on Pinterest.

Whereisthegreenergrass Sun 14-Aug-16 21:29:56

Thanks will look all this up. I'm more nervous about this than teaching my actual subject!

HandbagCrab Sun 14-Aug-16 21:34:12

We have

Silent reading
News/ news quiz
Chat day

We have 25 mins and after notices, register, uniform check, planner check etc etc we're hardly scrabbling round for stuff to do. If you've 10 mins why not do silent reading twice a week.

SweepTheHalls Sun 14-Aug-16 21:36:11

Ted talks

cherrypiesally Sat 20-Aug-16 04:16:30

This is good.

GinandJag Sat 20-Aug-16 14:38:57

10 minutes is nothing. You will need five minutes for the register and notices. You will have days when you check diaries and uniform. And you will need to have one-on-ones.

Your S1 class will probably need a lot of help with organisation in the first few weeks. When I was a Y7 tutor, I would always spend time every day going over their timetable so that they had what they needed from their lockers, and also going over their homework timetable so that they are on track.

I have never planned student tasks for form-time - it has always been purely administrative for me. As long as they were reasonably quiet (indoor voices), I would not intervene in their social time. It's a good way to see how they interact with one another, and spot any child who is being left out.

monkeysox Sat 20-Aug-16 21:43:48

If you're stuck watch newsround or click from BBC

Rosieposy4 Sat 20-Aug-16 21:48:12

When i have y7 ( so every 5 years!) i have a fairly set routine, onemof these each day :
Silent reading
Fun quiz

Much easier if you get together with the other y7/s1 tutors and tKe it in turnes to write the quiz

Rosieposy4 Sat 20-Aug-16 21:48:56

You can tell we have been celebrating tonight!!
Take it in turns .......

FannyFifer Sat 20-Aug-16 21:51:28

The whole point of reggie class surely is for you to have a cuppa while the pupils all chat. grin

MsMermaid Sat 20-Aug-16 21:52:16

I have a year 7 form this year. I'll be doing

Monday: check and sign planners (this takes ages! Have a system to speed it up, I get them lining up with their planner open, and award points in my mark book to those who use it correctly)
Tuesday: assembly
Wednesday: silent reading (I have a small selection of books for this who "forget" their book)
Thursday: getting to know you activities for the first term, then puzzles/wordsearches/sudoku after that
Friday: Newsround quiz of the week/pupils make up quizzes for the rest of the class

wobblywonderwoman Sat 20-Aug-16 21:56:28

Could you teach a new skill - like sign language and practise it


Whereisthegreenergrass Sun 21-Aug-16 22:24:19

Thanks, some more great ideas. As suspected there is barely time to take a register just now with all the admin but I'm sure after a few weeks it might be easier.

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