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What are your essentials for setting up a new classroom

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Anaffaquine123 Wed 10-Aug-16 22:54:28

I got a new job yesterday. I don't know which year group I'm getting yet or even which classroom I'm getting.
I am freaking out as I like to take a few days usually to get the room organised but I know nothing, not names, not topics, nada.
Our term starts on Monday. I have 2 under 5 that now won't be in nursery until Monday either. I had hoped to get lots done today whilst they weren't with me but it hadn't been decided where I was going so I put up backing paper in both areas and left.
I now have to be realistic about how much I can prepare before the kids arrive on Tuesday.
It is a while since I've been full time and not a job share to share the load.
I left most of my display stuff in my old school as it was passed its best anyway.
What would you say I should definitely get ready before Tuesday. I've bought extra ink for my printer and the laminator is ready to go!
I thought tray, peg labels
Jobs board
Lettering for numeracy, literacy and mindfulness displays
Multiple copies of class lists
Folders named for their filing
What else should I sort?
Thanks in advance!

Kathsmum Sun 14-Aug-16 22:24:46

Don't panic! Hopefully you will get some time at the start of term (especially if you don't have class lists etc). Plan in a 'display' activity for the first week: self portraits interests, etc to start off.

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