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I have had such a nice weekend...

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clary Sun 24-Jul-16 16:38:49

I have been to an athletics event with DS2, gone out with work for the evening, watched a favourite film while ironing, cleaned up the house, done all the laundry, relaxed over breakfast, been for a swim, been for a run, snoozed on the sofa, piffled on the internet...

And Done No Work.

We don't break up till Tuesday but I have obviously no planning to do (for this year anyway) and last week marked my last assessments... so I have been able to have a normal weekend. But this is such a rarity, this regular, relaxing, sorting out my mind sort of weekend. That can't be right can it? But as a secondary teacher, I would normally spend several hours marking, planning and preparing resources. What a luxury not to do so.

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scurryfunge Sun 24-Jul-16 16:42:03

That's why I gave up teaching. I was doing too much in my own time.

Haggisfish Sun 24-Jul-16 16:44:35

But then, we get about eight weeks s year of free thinking and time a year-how many people get that in their other jobs? I don't know, it's a tough balancing act. Lots of people I know in non teaching jobs spend a lot of time working at home as well in the evening. I really really love the summer and Christmas off with dc and wouldn't get that time in any other job. Might change when they leave home-we will see.

BackforGood Sun 24-Jul-16 16:46:16

It's a lovely feeling, isn't it ? smile

elephantoverthehill Sun 24-Jul-16 16:52:02

We broke up on Wednesday, so I have had a normal weekend too. It's great isn't it. However I have got that Sunday evening feeling. I have volunteered to help out a Food Bank on Mondays during the holidays. I start tomorrow. shock.

DullUserName Mon 25-Jul-16 17:36:26

I've resigned. Had a Wonderful weekend!

LockedOutOfMN Mon 25-Jul-16 17:39:51

Well done, clary, and everyone.

Enjoy your summer!

PumpkinPie2013 Tue 02-Aug-16 14:41:29

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays smile

I know what you mean about having time to relax! This is my third week off and I'm not back until 2nd September grin

I'm enjoying having lots of time with my DS and I've managed to do loads of organising /tidying at him in between. Other than that, I'm enjoying simple things like watching a film with DH, reading a book that isn't a text book, taking our time in the morning and just generally feeling relaxed!

I'm lucky that I like my school and generally enjoy teaching but it does take over your life a bit in term time!

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