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Social worker to infant/primary school teacher

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Disabrie22 Wed 29-Jun-16 18:05:33

I have been a social worker for fifteen years and am thinking about changing careers to be a infant/ primary school teacher. Has anyone changed career recently that can help me understand how to do this?

wonderpants Wed 29-Jun-16 18:14:21

Do you have a degree (rather than a DipSW)?
You would apply to do teacher training/ PGCE through UCAS!
The train to teach website is quite simple but outlines what to do!
I'm also currently career changing into primary teaching!

SisterViktorine Wed 29-Jun-16 19:24:45

You need to do a PGCE or School Direct. Either with probably require quite a bit of experience in classrooms so the sooner you can get into school the better.

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