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Moving from outer London to fringe after maternity leave- OMP query

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Juniper40004 Fri 24-Jun-16 17:20:30

Does anyone know how it works if I move from an outer London school to a school in London fringe? So two different areas, but both within London Borough...?

I was told (when I had DD1) that as long as I did my 13 weeks within London Borough then I'd still keep my OMP, but in the end I didn't move jobs so I didn't have to test that theory.

I'm now on maternity leave but won't be returning to my 'current' school so can't do the 13 weeks' service. They are not being particularly helpful so I can't ask them either.

Help please!

DrownedGirl Sat 02-Jul-16 02:10:05

You need to return to the same employer.

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