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Report writing

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QueenofLouisiana Mon 20-Jun-16 21:10:34

What do you listen to while you write them-or do you prefer silence?

I'm on Radio 4 podcasts- mainly as it keeps DS out of the way...

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Ni58 Tue 21-Jun-16 18:11:49

Back to back episodes of Come Dine With Me for background noise!

bumbleclat Tue 21-Jun-16 18:29:16

Yann Tierson piano music on Youtube, I tried radio etc but I just get distracted.
I've finished first draft of 28 today but need to proof read and add more fluffiness because mine sound a bit harsh at the moment. shock

MooPointCowsOpinion Tue 21-Jun-16 18:31:09

I put Gilmore Girls on. I know them all off by heart but still love them.

I wish I was writing real reports though, about character and work ethic, not data and progress numbers.

Dripdrop Tue 21-Jun-16 18:42:35

Rubbish on tv I can't work in silence anyway.

Dripdrop Tue 21-Jun-16 18:43:12

moo that's what my reports are about, the data is the numbers and the text is all about the child n

LockedOutOfMN Sun 26-Jun-16 13:50:09

In silence. Otherwise I just work more slowly, even if it's less dull. Also I'm more accurate if I work in silence, less chance of writing nonsense like, "This year, María has worked hard this year." blush

GinandJag Sun 26-Jun-16 15:03:48

I write mine at school in the staff workroom (ambient noise but no social conversation).

QueenofLouisiana Tue 28-Jun-16 21:28:04

2 more to go.....


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bumbleclat Wed 29-Jun-16 04:35:34

Done and proof read all 28!
So glad I proof read there were some pretty shocking errors!
Feels like handing in an essay at uni but there's no grade to wait for just parents moaning
It's two days before my deadline and I'm pretty chuffed it feels like I should be all ahead but there's still lots that needs doing 🙈

GinandJag Wed 29-Jun-16 19:05:18

I've written my subject reports now, but have to do my Head of Key Stage reports. I was planning to make a start at home tonight but was hijacked by a bottle of wine. I might still have a go...

GinandJag Wed 29-Jun-16 21:40:31

One bottle of Prosecco and a third of them gone! Magic!

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