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Opinions needed on going to new "agency"

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wonderstuff100 Fri 17-Jun-16 23:41:22

lease can I have your opinions on the following situation.

Been doing daily supply for two years, really enjoy it, fits in with my life as single parent as I leave by 3.45 most days. I've been on GWA for me for these two years and it's worked well for me because I'm not interested in doing anything other than daily supply and my agency are fine with that.

I've had an acquaintance contact me with the details of a teacher who has set up her own supply agency recently, the selling point being they only take 15% off the top for their commission and she stated that my daily rate would be £146 a day (£30 more than what I'm getting at the moment). She mentioned a job that was intervention in the morning and floating cover in the afternoon which I was something I was looking at doing as a way to start possibly going back to teaching in one school. Met with the head, really liked her and she offered me the job. I was fine with taking on the planning and assessment that came with the role due to the extra money.

Here's the sticking point, after looking at the supply "agents" website, I realised I would be paid via an umbrella company which, being a regular on this board I realise are not a positive thing, so I asked her whether the £146 would be before the UC took the employers NI contributions or after, and it turned out that it would be before, so my daily rate, as previously stated, would not be £146, but £125, only £10 more a day for quite a bit more work and a lot less freedom. Having realised this, I asked if she could pay be by PAYE and she said that as the company were not big enough, that's not possible. But I think I can asked to be paid directly and then pay my own taxes, is this right?

I'm not a bit put off, mainly by the fact I think she misled me into believing my "rate of pay" and also by the fact I would be jumping from my well-established agency that have looked after me very well (local bookings, never sent me back to the 2 schools I requested not to go back to) to a one woman business with just one school on their books. The head has told me the post will be until May, but if something goes wrong and it ends sooner, I'll have jumped ship from one agency to another and I won't be able to get back in with the agency. However, I am very aware that as much as I've had a good experience with my agency, it is just a business, and I am just a number. Despite the fact they have offered me another GWA for next year.

I really like the school and feel the role is exactly what I wanted to do when I left supply, and not getting sick pay/holiday pay. I'm considering (if the manager of the supply agency says I HAVE to be paid through an umbrella company) going to the head directly and asking to be paid through the LEA which I am set up already on. I know I was introduced to the post via this lady but that's all it really was, an introduction.

Doowrah Sat 18-Jun-16 14:03:03

If you wish to take the position regardless of the 'new' agency then it would be up to the Head to agree that and all it may entail. The 'new' lady could have a prior claim to you if you have signed a contract with her and your introduction was done under contracted formal terms. I am a great believer in going with your gut instincts.

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