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Ks1 assessment - depressing

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MsColouring Tue 07-Jun-16 19:59:46

I have tried so hard to keep on top of it all this year. I have a small cohort of children but we are in an area of high social deprivation. Went to a moderation meeting today and now wondering if I even have 50% at the expected standard. Their spelling is really letting them down - we have worked really hard but it just doesn't seem good enough sad. If we still had levels we wouldn't be far of 100%.

HouseAnxiety Fri 10-Jun-16 06:34:50

Try not to worry. Everyone is in the same boat. Remember you can get children to edit their work.

With a small cohort, 1 or 2 make a big impact with percentage!

This year will be written off imo!

ConkerTriumphant Fri 10-Jun-16 07:02:49

How did it go?

bumbleclat Fri 10-Jun-16 21:49:06

Yes this year is just a holding year I think it'll be written off too.

MsColouring Sat 11-Jun-16 15:45:10

I really hope this year will be written off. Being moderated on Thursday - have met the moderarator and think he is someone I can have a sensible conversation with - might give him a list of children I am unsure on and use it to my advantage.

And these silly exclamation sentences are doing my head in - they sound so ridiculous.

rollonthesummer Tue 14-Jun-16 23:06:40

I've been out of year two for a while now. To those currently in the thick of it- what 'old' level would you say 'expected' approximately equates to? Especially for writing?

bumbleclat Wed 15-Jun-16 04:13:16

3C angry

icklekid Wed 15-Jun-16 04:19:58

Expected is definitely minimum 2a with potentially some aspects of level 3. We have no writing at greater depth which is disappointing.

We had moderation on Monday and found it a really positive experience- highlighted how well teachers knew children and with sufficient evidence all judgements were quickly agreed with some argued up!

rollonthesummer Wed 15-Jun-16 07:49:35

That is scary. When inward in year 3-I was in an area of extremely high social deprivation-lots of movement, absence, eal, pp. we only ever had one or two secure level 3s each year and mainly in maths. I bet none of them would get expected.

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