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Y7 SATs resits

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noblegiraffe Sun 05-Jun-16 12:44:20

I would expect both primary and secondary teachers to want to sign this petition against SATs resits in Y7 which has just started doing the rounds.

As a secondary maths teacher the thought of hoiking Y7s out of lessons/lunchtimes/tutor times/after school for tutoring from pretty much their first day at secondary school is horrifying. They find the transition difficult enough as it is without being singled out and separated from their peers when they most need to be with them. And the notion that we can get them to a place within three months after a long break that their primary schools couldn't manage in 7 years is just stupid. I've taught GCSE resit classes and know how hard it is to make up ground and get them back into the swing of things while they are settling into sixth form in time for the November resit, and that's with much older pupils.

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