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Really sorry but I need to let off steam!!!!!!

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monet24 Mon 23-May-16 17:09:09

I teach because I love teaching. The moment when a child who has no English and cries to the point that they make themselves sick then changes to a child who nearly wets themselves with laughter and runs across the playground to get to school. The child who can not hold scissors but then can cut out. The child who will say numbers or I don't know when you test their phonics then knows sounds and doesn't go c-a-t man but cat then gives you the biggest smile. I will get the whole of my class and parents clapping the child who runs out saying 'I can write my name' when yes they have in a permanent marker on my whiteboard!
But I will tell the truth and celebrate all these moments and shout them from the roof tops and walk around tesco with green handprints on my cardigan as been making beantalks and stand there proud and cry on the way home after sitting in yet another meeting with collegues who seem to think it makes them look good if they say there children are something when they are not.
GLD in eyfs arhhhhhhhhh good level of development! !!!!!!! When mine were all 30-50 when I had them except for 2 hello please give me strength!!!!!!!
And enhance ones calm, I am truthful and that's how I shall stay. Best go and get rid of the glitter now out my hair smile

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