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PSHEE scheme of work

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breward Tue 17-May-16 19:03:40

Any good recommendations for a scheme to follow for EYFS to Y6? My school wants to invest in a new scheme but does not spend £600 if it is rubbish.

almostthirty Tue 17-May-16 19:08:41

Yes! Google the PINK curriculum. It's good has online planning tool that means you can plan from eyfs right through to ks2 and by inputting a few class details you can insure a good coverage. It also includes links to resources etc.

Maidupmum Tue 17-May-16 19:12:42

We bought Jigsaw but it was £££. Seems good

toomuchicecream Tue 17-May-16 22:03:34

How do you fit it in? Our week is rammed, trying to fit in the statutory subjects. My understanding is that PSHE is no longer a separate subject on the new curriculum - it just gets a mention in the blah at the front about addressing issues as and when they arise. So we don't have a scheme or regular lessons. Maybe we should, in which case, when on earth do you do it?

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