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Y6 yeachers - when's your writing moderation meeting?

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goingmadinthecountry Sat 14-May-16 00:00:05

Mine's on Monday (Kent) - seems really early as submission date is not until 30th June. We've planned lots more high end writing before then.

I'd be really interested to know if your group moderation meetings are equally early.


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petalpower Sat 14-May-16 07:49:29

Not until 16th June - hoping we don't get a moderation visit before then. We find out if we're going to get one by this Friday (20th).

goingmadinthecountry Sat 14-May-16 08:42:16

Hope you don't get the call! June 16th sounds much better. We can apply to re-moderate if children produce more evidence in the next 5 weeks. Doesn't seem a very well thought through system to me. It'll be quite interesting to see what other Y6 teachers have to say on Monday!

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petalpower Sat 14-May-16 08:45:07

I need time over the next few weeks to get more writing evidence! As much as I have tried it has been very difficult to get good quality writing out of the children in the run up to SATs. There are only so many balls you an keep up in the air at the same time. I was LA externally moderated last year so am hoping to escape this year!

partystress Sat 14-May-16 20:40:06

They should allow for further progress between now and submission. Don't they moderate your current judgements and note those, but you can bump those up (within reason) for final TAs?

goingmadinthecountry Sun 15-May-16 00:43:50

According to the handbook, you can apply for re-moderation. I'm sure lots of questions will be asked on Monday! I would hope they would let us use our common sense to bump results - with no testing going on, we all know we can encourage children to produce good writing.

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petalpower Sun 15-May-16 09:42:24

I am booked onto an update course the week before half term so I'm hoping all questions will be answered then and everything will become clear!

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