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What can you see outside you classroom?

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PinkIndustry Tue 10-May-16 23:57:15

My school backs on to a fruit farm so the main thing I see, all day long, outside my window, is a huge industrial greenhouse. It is not transparent but the whole structure has an opaque covering over it so that I only see the impression of greenery within and occasional shadowy figures who must be the workers caring for the fruit. So shadowy are they that, to me, they seem elusive, mysterious, unreal and I imagine them as fairy-like - elves or goblin workers such as might be found in Santa's grotto! I often wonder if they can see my shadow through the covering and if they wonder what it is like to teach children in the same way that I wonder what it is like to pick fruit all day.

Today I thought of all the very different school up and down the country and wondered what other interesting things are outside our classroom windows?

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noblegiraffe Wed 11-May-16 00:00:45

A lovely view of the playing fields. I have to put the blinds down to stop kids being distracted watching PE lessons.

elephantoverthehill Wed 11-May-16 00:01:56

I can see the sea (sing-songy voice). Well from one classroom I teach in. From another it was bonking pigeons.

wobblywonderwoman Wed 11-May-16 00:03:23

A village road. it's nice but not exciting.

PinkIndustry Wed 11-May-16 00:28:49

Oh I am very jealous of a sea view, elephant!

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Minispringroll Wed 11-May-16 10:28:16

Part of the playing fields and some of the housing estate a little further off. Top windows usually give us seagulls, which my class find weirdly entertaining. hmm

ceebie Wed 11-May-16 11:41:03

Not a teacher but I did some class observations. Most of the classrooms had a view of the brick walls of the adjacent buildings. Cherish your greenhouse!

Fragglewump Wed 11-May-16 11:45:55

Greenery (overgrown so classroom very dark) and a snippet of the fence around the pond and the playgrown beyond. Op maybe you could use the opaque greenhouse as an entry point for some sinister creative writing........

leccybill Wed 11-May-16 18:52:42

Last school: eight tower blocks, a burnt out Scout hut and McDonalds
This school: all weather pitch and cricket pavillion.

Def gone up in the world!

PotteringAlong Wed 11-May-16 18:54:06

Car park and boiler room!

clam Wed 11-May-16 19:36:58

A bank of green grass (covered with daffodils until recently) from one side, and a small garden (maintained by the gardening club) and woods from the other window.

SusanAndBinkyRideForth Wed 11-May-16 19:38:41

Carpark and some AstroTurf

sassytheFIRST Wed 11-May-16 19:39:16

School buildings and the Malvern Hills in the distance.

BlanketSky Wed 11-May-16 19:46:45

Playing field and then flat farm fields beyond (in the fens...)

EvilTwins Wed 11-May-16 22:30:25

The Cheese Roll hill <outs self>

CalleighDoodle Wed 11-May-16 22:31:19

A duck pond.

PreAdvent13610 Wed 11-May-16 22:39:21

Mondays - nothing, I am subterraneum
Tuesdays - the park
Wednesday - the cathedral, twas vanishing and reappearing from the mist today
Thursday and Friday - the yard

iloveredwine Wed 11-May-16 22:45:44

The huge playing fields and climbing wall

Abecedario Wed 11-May-16 22:55:23

I'm in Early Years, from one side I can see our outdoor area, the street beyond and church across the road. On the other side the KS1 playground and garden. Nothing wildly exciting!

Emochild Thu 12-May-16 00:15:46

Our car park

All the classrooms face onto it so the school transport can pull up straight outside the classrooms and the pupils come straight in

Practical but uninspiring

Checkedstripes Thu 12-May-16 11:11:28

The tops of trees - a very tall building!

SuffolkNWhat Thu 12-May-16 18:25:01

Gorgeous blossom trees, fence & car park.

LancashireTea Thu 12-May-16 20:08:20

The canteen roof and the other blocks of our school. It can be a bit grim.

From one of the other blocks there are lush views though.

DanyellasDonkey Thu 12-May-16 21:26:07

The sea in one direction and an old ruined castle in the other.

Lovely location, shitey school

Roseformeplease Thu 12-May-16 21:34:56

The sea, some islands and boats going by. Also mountains and, because we are at the top of a hill, birds at eye level. Glorious.

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