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Exam marking - AQA

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Mov1ngOn Mon 09-May-16 11:48:08

I applied to be an examiner for this year after a huge gap in examining (different board, examined in the old days of paper and standardisation meetings.)

I was told I had been accepted and was in "the pool" in January. I still haven't heard anything though - does that mean I'm not through this year or do they sometimes contact v late? I know they contact last years examiners first.

When I emailed them a few weeks back i got a non-reply lifted from the website.

Also - how does it work now its all online? Do you do your own standardisation online somehow?


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DitheringDiva Mon 09-May-16 12:20:30

standardisation is online. You probably won't get called up this year - I didn't in my first year after I was accepted.

Mov1ngOn Mon 09-May-16 12:24:40

Ah thanks,

How bizarre. They still have "applications welcome" for my subject up too, even this close to the exam. When I used to examine in the dark ages they didn't leave it a year after applying. That's not clear on their site.

Or they could be upfront when I emailed them. What an odd way to work!

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catslife Mon 09-May-16 14:26:10

Am not sure about AQA as I'm an examiner for a different board, but initial marking contracts were sent out before Christmas i.e. in December. Sometimes if there are more candidates than expected, a few more contracts will be sent out once exam entries have been confirmed in approx Feb/March but agree with PP that it is probably too late for this year now.

Mov1ngOn Mon 09-May-16 18:32:11

I got sent a contract in January but told they choose from the pool later to the exam date! What a funny system....

I might go back to my old exam board....

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KinkyDorito Tue 10-May-16 08:21:42

They can take ages to get in touch. Give them a ring and ask, it's what I do if I'm not sure.

You'll get an email telling you how to log in to the online site and then you get a link to go on standardisation and download marking software if your papers are electronic too.

I'm a regular examiner and I've heard nothing yet about this year.

Mov1ngOn Tue 10-May-16 08:40:54

I did email them to ask and just got a vague "we get in touch with examiners when we do" type email back!

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KinkyDorito Tue 10-May-16 09:46:39

I always ring - speak to someone, they tend to be more helpful than email. thanks

JustABigBearAlan Sun 15-May-16 07:59:56

What subject? I recall seeing a recent desperate sounding email for Geography examiners, so if that's your subject you're in with a chance!

Tbh they can be a bit disorganised. I applied to mark with them years ago and was told they had no vacancies but I'd be kept on a waiting list and they'd tell me when there was a vacancy. I didn't hear anything for a few years, so one day decided to reapply. They accepted me straight away. So obviously the waiting list hadn't worked.

So my advice would be to keep contacting them - don't just assume they'll contact you!

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