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Scottish teachers: job situation

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Scottishmumofgirls Sat 07-May-16 22:15:56

I'm looking into applying for the PGDE in primary teaching for August 2017 intake. I live in Ayrshire and went to the UWS open day recently. I was told there that the job situation is very good at present. Is that the case? As much as I want to make the move into teaching, a year with no salary whilst training, followed by probationary year and the uncertainty after that does concern me. I still have a mortgage to pay and don't want to have to cut back on kids activities etc. So, how is the job situation really?

mysteryknickers Sat 07-May-16 22:25:17

Every region desperate for teachers and supply teachers I would say.

Scottishmumofgirls Sun 08-May-16 07:17:05

Thank you. Is this situation likely to continue for a few years? It wasn't that long ago there were no jobs in teaching. What's changed?

stargirl1701 Sun 08-May-16 07:31:59

Supply teachers are only paid properly if the cover goes beyond 3 days. Most experienced teachers won't work at such a low rate of pay.

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