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Talk to me about cover supervisor job, please.

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NewLife4Me Thu 05-May-16 20:46:07

Posting here for teacher or SMT experience and advice.

Ok, the job is at at school that needs improvement has a grade 3 pretty much across the board, for the last 2 inspections.

Is there any likelihood they are looking for a cheap way of gaining a teacher?
It is 35+ hours per week, advertised as a level 4. It also includes Exam invigilation.

I'm not sure I'd get an interview let alone the job, but like the school for all it's faults.

Would you employ somebody who only has a level 2 numeracy and literacy?
It says essential 5 GCSE's and I don't have them.
I do have teaching experience at A level when 6th form wasn't compulsory, so my PgCE is Post compulsory not Secondary.
I have experience of managing entertainment programmes for this age though, so can show I can relate to this age group. I have a dd who is in y7 and older grown up dc that I supported through secondary.

Also, would it be wrong if I got as far as interview to tell them I would be interested in professional development to support children who have barriers to learning. . This is the area I would like to work in the most and they need to improve this on their latest and past report.

I don't want the pressure or the responsibility of teaching, this is why I'm not doing it anymore. I suppose I'm asking if any schools would put pressure on and expect cover supervisors to actually teach.

Many thanks if you have got this far.

catslife Sat 07-May-16 12:00:40

A difficult question to answer and some schools have different expectations about this role. Usually a cover supervisors role is to cover a class in a teacher's absence. The teacher will have set some work and the supervisor will make sure that the pupils stay on task.
For all jobs in schools there is usually information with the application pack about what the role entails and what you will be expected to do.
BTW I assume that since you have a PGCE you also have a degree (and A levels). You need to ask about the 5GCSEs i.e. whether they accept level 2 equivalents, but this will be less important if you have higher qualifications.

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