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Trade union bill passed

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rollonthesummer Wed 04-May-16 22:55:38

I was told today that the government have passed this bill now (today?) though I'm not sure of the details and the (totally unbiased) BBC haven't reported it on the news app?!

I think it means 50% of eligible Union members must turn out and vote when strike action is a possibility. Not sure what else though. Has anyone heard anything??

cdtaylornats Thu 05-May-16 13:31:53

setting a 6 month time limit (which can be increased to 9 months if the union and employer agree) for industrial action so that mandates are always recent

requiring a clearer description of the trade dispute and the planned industrial action on the ballot paper, so that all union members are clear what they are voting for

creating a transparent process for trade union subscriptions that allows new members to make an active choice of paying into political funds

giving more powers to the Certification Officer to ensure new and existing rules are always followed by unions

reducing the burden on taxpayers by ensuring that payroll deductions for trade union subscriptions are only administered where the cost is not funded by the public and ensuring transparency and greater accountability relating to the use of public money for facility time

There is an argument about the method of voting, the unions wanted to use eVoting but the Government argued that it hadn't been seen to be secure

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