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Science teachers (secondary)

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TheSnowFairy Thu 21-Apr-16 21:07:19

What incentives would make you want to come and work at our school?

Wondering if our ads should include steps taken to improve wellbeing etc or does none of this factor in your decision?

Having the same recruitment issues as most schools!

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eltsihT Thu 21-Apr-16 21:08:59

I an currently job hunting (contract finishes 27th of May)

You would need to be within an hours drive and not full time, other than that I am not fussy

GinandJag Thu 21-Apr-16 22:12:41

I would want angelic children and £45k.

Haggisfish Thu 21-Apr-16 22:14:51

A head who is reasonable and appreciated staff. Give and take. Opportunities. Wellbeing steps in job description/school info would interest me but main factor is travelling distance.

DitheringDiva Fri 22-Apr-16 11:36:31

I'm secondary science looking for work. I'd love the following (in my dreams!):
1. In the same county that my DDs go to school (we live within a 30 min commute of 5 counties, and holidays are different in each county) OR allowed time off (don't mind unpaid) when my own children have their holidays (there would probably be 2 weeks in the year when this would happen). Would happily work for the school for free on the weeks that they were in school and I wasn't (e.g. do revision classes, trips, admin).
2. Less than 30 minute commute
3. Able to come in late/leave early 2-3 times per year (class assembly/nativity). Would happily make up the time by doing a couple of covers or taking it unpaid.
4. Really, really supportive management - back-up on behaviour issues, make me feel like they really value me being there.
5. Well-behaved kids who want to learn.
6. Part-time if possible and/or flexible working (as outlined in points 1,3,9,10).
7. A-level classes.
8. Paid on at least UPS2 (the hours just aren't worth the money otherwise) i.e. around 35K minimum,
9. Time off when children are ill (it would have been, at the most, 2 days this year - husband would probably have done at least one if I'd been working though).
10. Time off when I or children have hospital appointments (would have been 5 mornings/afternoons at the most - husband would probably do a lot of them if I was working though).

Not asking for a lot am I?!! However, I don't need to work for the money, I'd just like to work for the intellectual stimulation and camaraderie, so I can afford to be picky.

In a nutshell, the main thing on my list, that a school can control, is flexible working. Apart from having to work in school holidays, my DH gets all the flexible working describe above, and he's a well-paid assistant director of a large engineering firm. If they can offer flexible working around the type of job he does, then they can offer it in schools - where there's a will there's a way!

HeadDreamer Fri 22-Apr-16 11:40:03

Would I earn £45k as a science teacher? That's quite tempting!

HeadDreamer Fri 22-Apr-16 11:41:19

Only asking because FB always tell me I can earn £25k teaching science or comp sci. That's quite a step down from industry.

noblegiraffe Fri 22-Apr-16 13:29:03

Would I earn £45k as a science teacher?

Probably not. You can earn up to 37k outside London as a teacher with no responsibilities (and that would take years to build up to). Any more than that means you either need to take on responsibilty like head of department or become a Lead Practitioner.

TheSnowFairy Fri 22-Apr-16 16:50:25

Thanks for your replies. We're in Berkshire if that's near any of you so we can offer London Fringe allowance.

Supportive management and nice kids, both GCSE and A level.

Currently looking for science teachers and a Head of Physics, please do PM me if you'd like further details.

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Fourarmsv2 Fri 22-Apr-16 21:41:16

Things I love about my school -

They're flexible about where you are in PPA time (some I work at home).

If you can internally cover within dept you can (within reason) attend things like nativity plays. Whole dept of pt mums so this is a frequent issue.

No issue with ill kids / hosp appts.

TOIL during study leave if you run trips on days off.

Whole days off (p/t)

Job share TLRs

Collapse classes during activities & trips

I feel trusted.

Stargazing25 Mon 25-Apr-16 19:30:58

I work in a wonderful school as a Science teacher. Having taught in a horrendous academy chain, I really appreciate the following:
- I feel trusted and supported to do my job
- well being is a priority
- cpd is a priority
- pointless tasks are avoided.
- we don't mark books
- there is no them (SMT) and us
- I am allowed to go to nativity plays, etc
- I work 0.8 over five days so that I can pick my own children up every day. P/t is allowed
- we don't write reports
- everyone is extremely supportive and caring
- the kids are not treated as statistics. We do what is best for them not what is best for league tables
- observations do not make judgements
- kids are amazingly polite and lovely
- the school is on my doorstep
- the head is Ofsted aware not Ofsted driven

GinandJag Mon 25-Apr-16 19:53:12

How can you get away with not marking books or writing reports? Optimistic anticipation...

Stargazing25 Mon 25-Apr-16 20:57:54

Kids have iPads so apps constantly assessing. We do one piece of meaningful work with useful feedback every half term. Head believes that marking class notes is a waste of time when we could be planning fantastic lessons.

No reports because everything is online so why just rewrite what parents can already see?

Honestly, it really works. It's very sensible and staff are not stressed!

Haggisfish Mon 25-Apr-16 22:13:44

Pm your school area so I know whether I can be excited when a job comes up there stargazing! I'm in West Midlands-anywhere close?!

Stargazing25 Mon 25-Apr-16 22:19:34

Haha! SW London. Science vacancy if you fancy a move to the south Haggis?grin

Haggisfish Tue 26-Apr-16 00:38:16

Damn it-too far away!!

Stargazing25 Thu 28-Apr-16 20:15:27

Here's an example of what a truly decent and amazing head we have.

I heard today that the head is asking for a personal pay cut so that we can keep an LSA/s in light of the horrendous budget situation.

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