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ValancyJane Tue 19-Apr-16 09:53:32

I'm applying to mark for AQA this year, to top up my maternity pay a bit (have checked that it's self employed so won't affect my maternity pay). Is it possible to mark for another exam board at the same time, it would that just be insanity? I do have a supportive partner and retired in laws who are happy to do some childcare - but would this be spreading myself too thin? Alternatively, is there the option to do more papers through AQA if I get through my allocated batch quite quickly? Not sure how it all works fully.

There is the possibility I may be able to stretch out my maternity leave for longer so the more I can earn the better really!

colander1 Wed 20-Apr-16 17:38:02

If this is your first session marking then just do one exam board and one paper. It can be stressful meeting the deadlines (and I have marked with young children). Your marking will be closely monitored and if you don't meet the grade on this exam board at least you will be able to work for a different board next year, but if you mess up two then both are blocked. Not saying you will mess up of course!

catslife Thu 21-Apr-16 09:01:07

By this year do you mean Summer 2016 exams? There could still be one or 2 papers that have last minute vacancies, but contracts for the Summer are usually sent out in approx January or February i.e. when exam entries are made.
With exam marking it's a question of both accuracy and speed. You need to be able to manage both aspects of the marking process. You also need to be able to manage the computerised marking system which is slightly different for each exam board. As the PP has said, markers are monitored by their team leaders, you may not be entirely free to work at your own pace. At some stages in the marking process (particularly at the beginning), you have to wait for your team leader to approve your marking before you can download any more scripts.
If there are extra papers available they tend to be allocated to more experienced examiners in my experience.

Fourarmsv2 Fri 22-Apr-16 21:43:08

I marked for AQA & OCR in my first year. Much preferred AQA.

What subject / level?

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