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Interview at boarding school - what should I ask?

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Lollylovesbones Fri 15-Apr-16 16:10:57

I've always worked in the state sector but I've got an interview next week for a Head of Department at a boarding school. Is there anything I should specifically ask or be aware of.

teacher54321 Fri 15-Apr-16 20:00:58

Do you have lessons on Saturday mornings?
Is accommodation provided?
What evening and weekend duties will I be expected to do?

Avebury Sat 16-Apr-16 08:21:17

I think I would be mostly trying to gauge the atmosphere as presumably you will be with these people pretty much 24/7. Do they seem happy, friendly, as if they are enjoying being there and I apply that to both staff and students. I am also always interested as to how many internal candidates there are. Best of Luck.

GinandJag Sat 16-Apr-16 19:35:04

Don't ask any question that is easily answered by reading their website, eg Saturday classes.

GinandJag Sat 23-Apr-16 11:01:40

How did you get on?

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