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Parent appointments

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IoraRua Wed 16-Mar-16 22:25:25

Tbqh I don't bring up anything surprising at parents evening - they are all aware of issues beforehand.
I don't sugarcoat either though (barring a few exceptions). But anything I say that's negative is framed in a "this is holding your child back from learning" rather than a "your child is terrible at x".

StarlightMcKenzee Wed 16-Mar-16 22:22:12

It is incredibly disrespectful to parents who have taken time off from work, arranged childcare etc. for 10 mins of feedback about their child, to then lie to them.

SuffolkNWhat Wed 16-Mar-16 07:45:00

Nothing should be a surprise at parents evening in theory. Having said that there are parents that I never see or I cannot get hold of so parents evening may be the first time I get to have a proper chat about their child.

DanyellasDonkey Tue 15-Mar-16 22:38:55

As a teacher I want to give parents an honest appraisal of how their DCs are doing but feel I'm not being allowed to.

What also worries me is that if we're pretending everything is fine when it perhaps isn't, it will come back and bite us on the bum in later years if it's found out that a child had a problem that wasn't mentioned and that parents would be (rightully) unhapppy about.

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neolara Tue 15-Mar-16 22:27:33

That's ridiculous. I'd be bloody annoyed if my kids were being annoying or not making progress and teachers didn't tell me what was going on.

Superjaggy Tue 15-Mar-16 22:24:51

I always ask the parents if they have anything they'd like to discuss first, and that helps me get a view of how they see their child and how their education is progressing. If they want honesty, they get it!

That said, if there's anything major that needs to be said about a child's progress or behaviour, it should have been raised long before parents evening- it shouldn't come as a shock on the evening itself.

DanyellasDonkey Tue 15-Mar-16 22:12:43

Just wondering what happens in other schools. As a school are you encouraged to tell parents what they want to hear or to tell them truthfully how their child is getting on.

I'm getting increasingly fed up of management saying that we should just keep parents happy by telling them what they want to hear.

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