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Euphemia Sat 12-Mar-16 12:20:37

In many of the schools I've taught in we experience P7-itis i.e. that point during the final year of primary school when the pupils get too big for their boots and can't be bothered with primary any more.

What do you do with them?! We're a small school with only a dozen P7s, but good grief the behaviour! I only teach them one day a week, and it's hellish!

They have a few days' transition to high school next term, after which they will be worse and worse.

Any ideas?!

Minispringroll Sat 12-Mar-16 18:49:57

Last year, I made mine do a whole term's work on "What next?". We looked at where they'd like to go after school, what jobs they'd like, what qualifications they'd need...and why school doesn't suddenly finish after Year 6. It was mostly about making things relevant for them. They really enjoyed it and behaviour wasn't really much different. To be fair, though, they were a lovely year group in general and not much bother. Hardworking, keen, engaged, independent and up for anything...just how I like my Year 6s. grin
My current Y6s are already getting too big for their boots and behaviour is at times worrying. They are a bit of a menace out on the playground and seem at times to just switch off during lessons. I'd like to put things in place to calm them down and get them more focused, but that's not possible at my current school. sad It's much too stressy in general, which might be why the children lose the plot. My school last year was much more relaxed, so the children were a lot more relaxed as well. hmm

intheairthatnightfernando Sat 12-Mar-16 18:53:36

Sorry, this is nothing to do with the question asked, but there is no greater joy in teaching than doing Kensuke's Kingdom with a nice Y6/P7 class. You could try that?

TheTroubleWithAngels Sat 12-Mar-16 19:18:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spanieleyes Sun 13-Mar-16 14:09:32

I spend most of the summer term breaking up cat fights between my year 6 girls-either that or dealing with hormonal pre-teenagers!
My advice-keep them busy, find lots of active things to do-gardening is a good one, ensure that the english/maths has a purpose to it and bite your tongue a lot!!

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 14-Mar-16 20:28:35

We did an enterprise project post SAT's last year. They had to design, make, market and sell something. They had to do all the costings/profit and loss forecasts etc. They then ran a sale at the end of the year (for the rest of the school plus some parents). It gave them a focus, whilst still offering some useful skills. They were a pretty good year group though (with a minimum number of little fuckers! grin)

SurvivalGuide Tue 15-Mar-16 15:05:27

Parent of a Y6 here. Currently absolute nightmare at home. If I had a class of 30 I'd be running to the hills. Huge well done to all the Y6 teachers out there!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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