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Leaving job on good terms...after difficult times...and after frustration

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goodusb Thu 03-Mar-16 05:30:59

I had difficult year - applying for jobs, not getting them, frustration, parents' complaints, lesson observations - HT not happy etc. I got an offer for another job and feel that rather than just writing the letter of resignation - would like to speak to my HT and apologise for parents' complaints? ask what information will stay on my file? My biggest worry - in case in a few years time I would be applying for jobs and employers might want to contact previous heads etc - I wonder what would stay on my file at my current school - or is it a question to HR? Thank you

ArmchairTraveller Thu 03-Mar-16 06:19:18

No, I'd smile and dissemble and leave on civil terms. I wouldn't apologise, but I would thank everyone for their support in challenging circumstances.
Do your next job as well as you can, learning from past experiences and if you stay a few years, that's the only place they'll be asking for references from.

teacher54321 Thu 03-Mar-16 18:57:55

If you've got offered the new job then they must have received your references. Therefore you have nothing to apologise for. Just write a nice bland letter and leave with a smile. Congrats on your new job smile

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