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Sir Michael Wilshaw on Radio 4

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caravanista Fri 26-Feb-16 07:12:08

Just heard Sir Michael Wilshaw on Radio 4 suggesting that the way to stop the brain drain of teachers is to write 'golden handcuffs' into teachers' contracts. Utter lack of self awareness about the role of Ofsted in low morale.

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ArmchairTraveller Fri 26-Feb-16 07:20:02

'Sir Michael also said there was a need to "talk up" the profession and highlight the "nobility of teaching" and how it can transform lives.'

Such hypocrisy, that's how I felt about the profession when I joined it years ago.
Not so much now, after years of interference and belittling and micromanagement and the use of fear and guilt as control mechanisms.
It's just another job now. The junior doctors seem to be heading down the same path.

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