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So yes I'm leaving but am scared of schools reaction - hand holding needed please!

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1944dadhelp Sat 20-Feb-16 18:56:22

Many of you will have read my recent thread about whether or not it was too soon to leave teaching after so recently having qualified.
Well, I'm going and am currently drafting my resignation letter.
I still want to go and am definitely happy with my new job but I'm dreading the actual 'resigning' part. I know my HOD is going to be gutted, science teachers are in major shortage where I live and we already have supply teachers in covering maternity leave. I do feel guilty but I have to go.
As my title suggests please really just need encouragement to help me resign and not feel so bloody guilty sad

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jellyfrizz Sun 21-Feb-16 00:21:02

There is major shortage in science teachers for a very good reason. This is not your fault or your problem. Fly free!

GinandJag Sun 21-Feb-16 14:48:43

Your resignation letter should be, firstly, clear about your dates.

After that it is courteous to make a positive comment about the school - thank you for the opportunity, enjoyed being part of the team, etc.

It's important not to burn bridges and kind words don't cost you anything.

Can I ask, why are you leaving so soon? I am a science teacher and love my job. I am picky about schools though. I gave up, supposedly permanently, in my second year. However, it was so useful, when I needed to work eight years later, to have QTS to fall back on. I have had no trouble finding good jobs since.

1944dadhelp Sun 21-Feb-16 17:50:38

Hi GinandJag, thanks for your reply, yes I will be very positive about the school.
I'm leaving as I can't cope with juggling the workload with my family life. I totally love my job and will miss lots of aspects of it but my 3 dd's and dh are suffering (as are my stress levels) from teaching full time. Unfortunately cannot afford to go part time sad

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GinandJag Sun 21-Feb-16 19:45:12

That's such a shame that you are giving up a job you love. Are you too much of a perfectionist?

It is hard to be a new teacher with all the lesson planning and support scrutiny, but it gets logarithmetically easier each year.

I looked at my planner this afternoon and had my lessons for tomorrow planned in about 15 minutes.

If you do decide to return to teaching in the future, it needn't be the same as now. Having a teaching certificate up my sleeve has been a lifesaver for my family.

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