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KS2 science question - topics on humans

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purplepandas Thu 11-Feb-16 19:46:38


I am a MNer but also an academic researcher. My daughter is in Yr 1 so I am not up on science topics in KS2 yet. I am trying to put together a project looking at health issues in children and wondered what type of human issues they cover in science in KS2. I have looked online at the KS2 curriculum but can't see anything about disease etc and wellbeing. What I normally do relates to impact of chronic illness on young people and I am struggling to tie it into the KS2 curriculum (as the funder is asking).

Do children cover anything along these lines at all at this stage (at any point in KS2)? I can see bits on naming parts of the body, exercise and healthy living etc but nothing more than that. Am I missing anything?

I hope you don't mind the random question from a non teacher (well I teach at uni but that is not remotely the same thing!)



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