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Dealing with a student who is struggling

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Euphemia Tue 09-Feb-16 07:07:17

I've been covering a colleague's class for two weeks while she's been ill. A student arrived the day before she went off, on a six-week placement.

I've never had a student before but I've done my best to support him and make sure he knows what he's doing.

Problem is, he's not getting it. He's pitching his lessons too high for the kids, not sharing the LIs or building explanation or assessment of his SC into his lesson plans. I've fed this back to him twice now, and yesterday's lesson was no different.

He also has no teacher voice, just a monotone. His behaviour management is poor, in a very well behaved class!

I don't know how harsh to be with him. I thought I'd been clear, but he's just not taking advice! Help!

ThomasRichard Tue 09-Feb-16 07:09:11

Do you have a phone number for his tutor?

noblegiraffe Tue 09-Feb-16 07:38:52

You need to go through his planning with him the day before he teaches and tell him it's too hard, then suggest different activities.

Is he aware of the school behaviour management policy and how to implement it?

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