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where can an ex teacher find work??

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Roxiet2013 Mon 08-Feb-16 15:14:11

I really need some ideas.
My husband was a teacher (secondary science) for around 6 years and after some awful experiences he has found that he can no longer take it and wants to leave the profession.
He has been out of work since October (he was let go in his last job - don't get me started as its been a joke with the union being fairly useless) and he is struggling to find anything else to do and no one seems to be able to help.

He has contacted agencies, looked online and applied for various things but he is getting nowhere.

The last 2 agencies he spoke to told him to send his cv over and when he called to ask if they'd be able to help him they told him to keep an eye on the internet as teaching is very niche.

Where can he go from here??

Are there any agencies that specialise in placing ex teachers?
He isn't sure what he wants to do unfortunately and teaching means that although he has lots of transferable skills he doesn't appear to have any valid experience in anything to be able to get work anywhere.

We probably have a months worth of money left and then we are in big trouble and I really don't know where we can turn for help.

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cdtaylornats Mon 08-Feb-16 15:32:07

Training perhaps, with companies like Compita or Pitman. Some of his teaching skills should transfer.

Take a computing course at a college and go into programming.

DitheringDiva Mon 08-Feb-16 17:34:09

If he's struggling to even get supply, and you're desperate for money, then he just needs to apply for anything. Get him to go to the local job centre and talk to someone there about getting work - security work, call centre work - there are jobs out there, so he can get a job to bring money in, it just won't necessarily be a very nice job. Get him to go into some local recruitment agencies to do office temping, apply for any other jobs he sees advertised eg. the back of a bus I was driving behind the other day was advertising for bus drivers (driving can be surprisingly well paid with the right company). Supermarkets, restaurants etc. sometimes advertise in their stores. Go on Indeed and put in any words that take his fancy, or he knows he is skilled at. Can he do something self-employed - some kind of skill he can sell, e.g. tutoring? Or is he sales type person - could he buy some stock and sell it on eBay?

Badbadbunny Tue 09-Feb-16 08:38:12

Can he not set up as a self employed tutor? I would imagine there could be lots of demand for extra tuition for GCSE and A level science. If he's got Maths qualifications, he could do Maths tuition, at least to GCSE level. What about 11+ tuition - if you're near a grammar school, there'll always be people wanting 11+ tuition - again, a little research should set him up if he has the basic Maths/English skills himself (which he should have being a teacher). There's a guy we know who gave up teaching due to the stress and set himself up as a Maths GCSE/A and 11+ tutor and he's always busy and says he makes more money now as he works 30-40 hours per week.

Alternatively, how about lecturing in a local college or even a local university? Again, not necessarily science, as local colleges tend to be a lot more flexible about qualifications (I did some teaching at one despite not having any teaching qualifications nor experience). Failing that, what about a local prison of young offenders institution - my sister works at one doing health & safety and first aid training for the inmates.

Or becoming an "in house" trainer in industry - plenty of larger firms do their own in house training, and smaller-medium sized ones use external training agencies to provide their training.

Lots of opportunities that could still use your current qualifications and experience. It would be a shame to completely change direction and have to start again at the bottom learning new skills and taking new qualifications to get back to a professional level in a different career.

Roxiet2013 Tue 09-Feb-16 13:00:46

Thanks all.
I think he would enjoy staying in a training role. I'll point him in the direction of some training places but most seem to want him to have competencies and he doesn't have that experience in say admin/customer service for them to want him but maybe some of the suggestions might have some alternative opportunities.

He applied for a training position at a prison but didn't hear anything. Am not sure how much of that could be due to his CV as I'm not good at that stuff really and he has only ever had teaching things so we've found it hard getting his CV sorted for alternative options.
I will take these ideas and get him started.
He is supply teaching 1-2 days a week at the moment but dislikes it.

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Doowrah Fri 12-Feb-16 18:49:39

Google Mr G science stuff in schools and children's parties set up something similar in your area.

GinandJag Fri 12-Feb-16 19:34:27

As a science teacher, he is gold dust. I was looking for temporary work last term and was absolutely inundated with work offers.

I would never want a permanent job in a comprehensive school, but was open to short contracts (doing the full job for a few weeks at a time). There is plenty of this type of work around. Fortunately for me, I only needed to do two half-term contracts before landing a nice job in a small independent.

thesandwich Fri 12-Feb-16 19:42:54

The national careers service offer good advice on cvs etc on line. Loads of templates available. What about looking at etrust/ stem type organisations as education officer type things?
There are lots of science shows on across the country- Big Bang etc worth visiting and talking to companies etc? He might not like supply but it is better money than many jobs. Tutoring this time of year is in high demand. It is much easier to get a job if you are working.....

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