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HoD problems

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thinkingmakesitso Sun 07-Feb-16 08:33:30

He is unbearable - basically just cares about his ego. Boasts, about work and personal stuff, takes credit to SLT for things others have done, communication is awful and done in a way that makes him seem powerful and creates a sense of drama and uncertainty in the department.

SLT are aware and, while they agree with all our concerns, have said he needs support to improve. Ffs, he has been teaching over 20years, has 'forgotten more things than I've ever knownangry,' and is totally unable to hear and accept any criticism, however it's put. He has 7 years til retirement and I think slt just want us to carry him til then, though it wasn't phrased like that of course. He costs a fortune , there are at least two of us who could do his job for less, we have no choice but to leave do we? sad

Pointless post, but I love the school and the department, but morale is so low I dread work, all because of someone who really should admit he can't do it.angrysad

Apologies for the dodgy commas but I can't get the curser back to correct.

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