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Anyone experienced a move to an academy?

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8reasonstohide Tue 02-Feb-16 09:48:50

There is an academy being built near to where I live and is due to open in September 2016. The head teacher has been assigned but there are no details on the internet regarding teaching jobs.

For some reason (I have reservations about academies - horror stories I have heard!) I am quite excited about this. Relish a challenge and need something 'new' in my career because I have taught in the 'same' school for 16 years!

So has anyone any experience of going from a LEA school to a brand new academy? I have experience of moving from a closing school to a brand new one that was an amalgamation of an infant and junior school so I am well versed in the difficulties and gremlins that come with brand new schools.

I just wanted to hear personal experiences of working for an academy. The academy in question is Ebor Academy Trust.


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