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SPaG activity for Year 6 TA interview.

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bearleftmonkeyright Wed 27-Jan-16 13:01:24

Help! Need advice from someone. I have an interview tomorrow and I have to plan a SPaG activity of my choice for a group of year 6's. I have been in touch with the school, there are 7 children all working to national expected targets.

My plan is an activity involving adverbial phrases. I have looked at the curriculum and realise and adverbs are now a year 5 criteria, so will introduce with saying something along the lines of "you all remember covering adverbs, give me some adverbS" quick and punchy and get all the children to respond in order to inspire some confidence in all of them.

Then introduce adverbial phrases. I will talk about how they give information on When, Where and How in a piece of writing. (for instance, words like quickly, today, recklessly, then, slowly) I then will do a group exercise using a word bank, cards with words on and ask them to sort them into time place and manner so that the children can see which adverbs can be used to create adverbial phrases. Finally, I would ask them to create some super sentences using an adverbial phrase, reminding them to use a comma to separate the clauses and then share with the group. Finish with thumbs up if they were happy and encourage those children if they were not so secure.

In my head this sounds marvellous! But I am not a teacher and am just wondering if I have pitched it right and have covered the curriculum requirements in the correct way. I want to be ambitious, the competition for these positions is unbelievable and I am in no doubt that they will probably be interviewing ex teachers. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, I have 20 minutes, too ambitious for that timescale?

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