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Anyone here returned to teaching when children are older

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Icandoanything Sun 24-Jan-16 22:41:17

I qualified in July 2013, started my NQT in Jan 2014 and ended up hating the school I was in so left in April 14. Since then, I've done supply, which I have loved. It gave me a real insight into the schools I'd like to work for and I got the amount of work I needed through my agency and with another job I do in the summer, I made ends meet, although it was a struggle

In between April 14 and now, I split with my ex so am now a lone parent to DS of 6. I have a contract with my supply agency until the July 2016 but as I now have a mortgage (just bought my first house), I'm now starting to look more into the future and contemplating returning to full time teaching in August 2016.

DS will be 7 then and entering year 3 so much more independent then the last time I was in a full time post. I have great childcare with his childminder and after school and breakfast clubs. And it would make a massive difference to us financially.

Has anyone else left and gone back when their children are older? I'd be interested to hear from lone parents especially!

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