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Basic skills teaching. Would you recommend? (Thread also copied in employment topic).

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dimots Tue 19-Jan-16 11:13:02

A lecturer on a short course I attended through the job centre mentioned that he thought I should look into teaching adults. I have a Psychology BSc from 20 years ago and a more recent MSc in a niche subject. I wouldn't feel confident teaching science, as I feel my qualifications are not general enough, but I am very numerate, with good passes in statistics on my degree courses and O levels in Maths and English.
I spoke to a local college and I am arranging to volunteer as a helper in some local classes, but would like to hear all opinions. I would need a PGCE to teach locally, so I would need further training.
I was made redundant from my former career and there are few opportunities locally without a massive commute. I am looking for a local career but don't want to teach in schools as I don't want to work with children.
There is demand locally for the subject, including at a prison nearby.
I hear people bemoaning teaching as terrible workload, low morale etc. Is FE teaching as bad? Despite having a science background my wages have never been high, as local wages are universally low, so a teaching salary would be an improvement.

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