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Applying for 1st FT teaching job in 10 years

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mercifulTehlu Thu 14-Jan-16 14:22:57

Well tbh dh's stress comes partly from the fact that he has decided he hates being a deputy head (because he's sick of all the data shit, amongst other things) - he was already sick of that at his last school but hoped another school might be different. And mainly because of a breakdown in his working relationship with the Head (which I won't go into here).

I already sort of work for the school (occasional supply). I figure that as a lowly 'teacher of' I won't have much to do with the head... And in any case, I'm applying because it is currently the only teaching job for my subject that is available, it's 5 mins drive from my house and my dc will be going there!
What I'm worried about is simply how well I'll cope with a full time teaching job after years of not doing it. And how out-of-the-loop I'll feel on recent education changes. Still, I suppose I'd have until September to get up to speed...

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SweepTheHalls Thu 14-Jan-16 13:51:31

Why on earth are you applying to the school that isn't able to support their staff?

mercifulTehlu Thu 14-Jan-16 13:50:25

It's going to kill me (if I get the job) isn't it? Started in state secondaries 20 years ago, followed by 10 years in a lovely private school, most of it part time, then years of bits of very part time and SAHM.
I don't want to go back into state secondary teaching, particularly not FT but need to because dh is about to jack in his Deputy Head job (at the same school I'm applying to) because of unmanageable stress levels.
Tell me it'll all be fine...? <gibber>.

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