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What to buy...what to buy...

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Doowrah Tue 12-Jan-16 20:17:27

I don't usually have this problem but it seems I am stuggling to spend the last £200 of my class budget. I teach Year 4 anyone got any good recommendations?

CasualJersey Tue 12-Jan-16 20:23:20

Games for wet play?

Doowrah Tue 12-Jan-16 20:30:24

Rarely have wet play any they are pretty self-sufficient playing Lego, teachers, origami etc. Thanks for the idea tho'

Doowrah Tue 12-Jan-16 20:30:54

Whoops and not tired.

BatmanLovesBaubles Tue 12-Jan-16 21:01:46

Subscription to a site like URBrainy?
A cool bookcase? You know, like the ones in Consortium that teachers always go 'If only I had the money...'
A visiting workshop? Google STEM workshops near you - they are brilliant.

Littlefish Tue 12-Jan-16 21:34:19

Subscription to Phoenix magazine.

SisterViktorine Tue 12-Jan-16 21:45:11

Times tables songs CD
Some really cool books for your book corner pitched at the reluctants
Couple of bean bags for your book corner
Set of gear so they can all grow something?

BackforGood Tue 12-Jan-16 22:54:14

Electronic pencil sharpener - best classroom gadget EVER grin

toomuchicecream Wed 13-Jan-16 18:04:19

If you don't already have them, place value dice, a giant bead bar, place value sliders, lots of Diennes, double sided counters, subscription to Maths Frame - things to make your Maths lessons hands on.

Doowrah Thu 14-Jan-16 19:11:26

Some good ideas here, thank you.

MidniteScribbler Fri 15-Jan-16 01:29:43

Classroom pet? Setup for a bunny, guinea pigs, fish, hermit crabs, etc?

LindyHemming Fri 15-Jan-16 11:36:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Doowrah Fri 15-Jan-16 19:05:24

Yes...numicon is having a renaissance again ...we have lots in school tho' sorry to hear you have no budget...I won't tell you what mine was to start with!

Doowrah Fri 15-Jan-16 19:06:54

Pets are a good school not fond of them sadly.

DanyellasDonkey Tue 26-Jan-16 22:32:13

Class budget - what's that?

We never get any money to spend on anything sad

Used to be £300 each, now it's bugger all

Doowrah Wed 27-Jan-16 22:04:16

Sorry to hear that seems my school is fairing a bit better than alot of others.

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