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Telling tales and all that jazz!

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Towelonthedoor Wed 06-Jan-16 23:07:30

So as a TA in yr4 I come across a fair few girls falling out and saying she said, she did etc. for the most it's just silly bickering. How do you deal with this on a daily basis? Just look for a few tips xx

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phlebasconsidered Thu 07-Jan-16 20:30:28

I've got a box in my classroom that they can post Tell tales into on a slip. At the end of the day I ask them to find the slip if they are still bothered and want me to sort it out. It works because they only bother me in person for "real" stuff and they 99% of the time forget the tell tales in the box by sometime or have sorted them themselves, but I still have a record of whines as a teacher so I can note recurring names and potential problems.

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