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And the teacher bashing starts already.......

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Pipbin Sun 03-Jan-16 14:42:17

I'm sat here avoiding doing any work working on the last day of the holidays and already the teacher bashing threads have started!
Can we not have a little bit of time when just some people let us just get on with it?
I am fed up being told all day long how to do my job! It's not just on here.

timelytess Sun 03-Jan-16 14:44:06

I'm not a teacher any more.
That's a hint.

Pipbin Sun 03-Jan-16 14:47:30

I love my job, I love the children.

if I could do something else that would pay the same then I might think about it

Flossiesmummy Sun 03-Jan-16 14:52:41

As an ex- teacher, the only thing I can say is 99% of the teacher bashers have zero idea of what we do. If they truly understood the workload, the complexities of the job and the minutiae of detail we go in to to support and encourage their children, they'd all be worshipping on bended knee a lot more grateful and supportive.

Not a teacher anymore. I run my own home and gift business.

ilovesooty Sun 03-Jan-16 14:54:24

The bashers will be in full flow next week. I'm bloody grateful I don't teach any more.

CharleyDavidson Sun 03-Jan-16 14:57:14

Is it because there's a training day after we've dared to have a Christmas break? That's always a good one for teacher bashing bingo.

ArmchairTraveller Sun 03-Jan-16 15:00:49

It's like the wind and the rain, eternal and consistently awful.
Parental complaining won't change, so ignore it. Don't click on threads, if you accidently find yourself on one, think of it like DM frothing and ignore it. I've hidden the whole Primary Ed section on here.
Harder IRL situations, but on the web? Easy.

Pipbin Sun 03-Jan-16 15:01:03

No, it's because apparently we don't have a clue how to teach maths.

Pipbin Sun 03-Jan-16 15:02:20

i'm very lucky in that I have a good relationship with all the parents of children I teach. I have never had a parent from school complaining.

SLT who have never taught EYFS telling how to teach it is another matter entirely

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