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Recommend me a book on Grammar. Year 6 GAPS!

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Feelingworriednow Sat 12-Dec-15 21:31:47

I have moved from year 1 to year 6 and the new requirements for grammar knowledge are rather scary! Having gone to school in the 70's/80's when no-one was ever taught this, I'm finding far too much of the grammar requirements a complete mystery! Give me maths any day!
I have set myself the challenge of addressing this issue over Christmas but could do with some advice on where best to look. Books or websites both fine. Many thanks!

MissMillament Sun 13-Dec-15 01:16:20

Pie Corbett Jumpstart Grammar is really good.

ArmchairTraveller Sun 13-Dec-15 06:47:55

This publisher produces a lot of the study guides that a lot of schools use to support Y6, and they are right up to date with expectations.
Sometimes it's a good idea to start from what you need to teach the children, it helps to focus.

ArmchairTraveller Sun 13-Dec-15 06:48:54

There are lots of other materials around, the guides are just the basics.

Feelingworriednow Sun 13-Dec-15 07:32:35

Many thanks for these suggestions. I'll have a look at both!

Spottyladybird Sun 13-Dec-15 07:39:10

Would second the cgp, also Alan Peat is great. Twinkl also have good grammar resources that are downloadable for a fee.

irvine101 Sun 13-Dec-15 08:28:01

Not a teacher, this might help?

Holstein Sun 13-Dec-15 08:32:28

Great links. We have First Aid for English which isn't strictly aimed at Y6, but has been useful in addressing gaps.

clam Sun 13-Dec-15 08:32:59

If your school subscribes to the Espresso website, they have some good videos that have been added
since the new curriculum came in.

SisterViktorine Sun 13-Dec-15 13:45:39

I am only one lesson ahead of my Y6s with a lot of the grammar and we have SO much to cover because there are things way back in the curriculum (even from Y2) that I they don't know.

I have this which is a great noddy's guide. TBH though, I am learning a lot of it from the Twinkl resources. blush

HopeClearwater Mon 14-Dec-15 17:52:29

Following thread with interest. I was surprised to see the inclusion of such concepts as subjunctive and past progressive appearing on a test for 11- year-olds.

Feelingworriednow Sun 20-Dec-15 12:03:29

Hope, that threw me too! Has nooooooo idea what they were going on about!

ArmchairTraveller Sun 20-Dec-15 14:22:59

That's only this year's fad though. Wait a couple of years and it will be something else.

thelaundryfairy Tue 22-Dec-15 15:46:29

First Aid for English is excellent, not just grammar, but lots of useful things to learn and know.

Also the old E.G. Thorpe "textbooks" are great.

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