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Do we think Ofsted won't ring now...!?

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rollonthesummer Sun 06-Dec-15 20:27:12

We are waiting for the call in a 'thank goodness it's Wednesday at 1pm again, so we're safe for another week' kind of way! Do we think they won't bother coming in now before Christmas?

My sister is a teacher and her head was at a 'preparing for Ofsted' meeting last week and those in charge was saying there weren't enough Ofsted inspectors around at the moment to do all the inspections that 'need' to be done!

I hope when we do get done, it's one of these 'one day' inspections! Has anyone had one yet this academic year??

NickNacks Sun 06-Dec-15 20:28:34

I dint know but our school were recently called on a Friday for a Tuesday/Wednesday inspection.

NickNacks Sun 06-Dec-15 20:30:58

They are in special measures though.

There seems to be a big sweep though our area at the moment (Rbwm) with childminders, preschools, and schools all seeming to have theirs in recent weeks.

BrendaandEddie Sun 06-Dec-15 20:34:40

i know of a place that LITERALLY were having a mockstead debrief when the call came in

hazeyjane Sun 06-Dec-15 20:34:49

dds school done last week - call came on Tues, inspectors in Weds and Thurs

gazzalw Sun 06-Dec-15 20:36:00

DD's primary was Ofsted inspected in the penultimate week of the summer term - seriously!!

leccybill Sun 06-Dec-15 20:38:01

Came to us last year on 11 and 12 December. Ughhh it was horrid.

rollonthesummer Sun 06-Dec-15 20:41:25

Noooo-these are not the replies I wanted!

What do they do if you have Christmas plays with all the parents coming in on the days they come in!?

pumpkinbutter Sun 06-Dec-15 20:45:35

Ours was penultimate week of summer term!

Rainbowcolours1 Sun 06-Dec-15 20:56:55

They can come in this week but not the last week. If you were good last time then you will have a one day, however if there are concerns on that day then it would convert to a two day!

rollonthesummer Sun 06-Dec-15 21:00:56

We were 'Good', yes. Fingers crossed they only stay for a day then!!

Akire Sun 06-Dec-15 21:03:48

I worked in day nursery (no notice required) they turned up at 7am on the 22nd Dec a s stayed two days. And made comments about learning objectives in party with Santa 3-6pm!!

elephantoverthehill Sun 06-Dec-15 21:09:08

My friend had an inspection in her Middle School in the first week back in September, never breathe a sigh of relief.

BoneyBackJefferson Sun 06-Dec-15 21:12:38

We have had the same message from several different heads from several meetings in that ofsted are still clearing up the backlog of schools that need inspecting.

amysmummy12345 Sun 06-Dec-15 21:15:54

Haha Akire I hope you had suitable success criteria up during said Santa party 😉
*I can pull Santa's beard
*I can eat too many party rings
*I can cry when someone kicks over my squash

wellthatdidntgotoplan Sun 06-Dec-15 21:17:36

I know of a school done on the last Wednesday and Thursday of the summer term. School closed on the Friday! That was because circo had a backlog and would have been fined by ofsted if they hadn't got them all done by the time their contract ended

ladygracie Sun 06-Dec-15 21:38:06

A school near me was done last year in the last week of Christmas term. They did not do well. Sorry op.

MeriMeriQuiteContrary Sun 06-Dec-15 21:38:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

exLtEveDallas Sun 06-Dec-15 21:42:15

We had the call on Friday. They are in Mon/Tue. sad

Akire Sun 06-Dec-15 21:44:08

Did rather! Of course kids should be in high quality environment but if in day care 8-6 52 weeks of the year. But there's no let up in "learning" even if your 2 and you want sit in a box smile

SuffolkNWhat Sun 06-Dec-15 21:47:59

We were done in the penultimate week of the summer term. 30 degree heat and kids ready to pack up. Wasn't fun.

balletgirlmum Sun 06-Dec-15 21:48:55

Dh had them in the week before last. It was assessment week for years 7-11 plus 3 perfirmances of the school play (with the fire alarm going off during the afternoon performance!

LuluJakey1 Sun 06-Dec-15 21:49:28

My friend is an Inspector and he is inspecting this week. No idea where though.

cece Sun 06-Dec-15 21:51:59

My last one, they came in on World Book Day. I was dressed as Where's Wally grin

DPotter Sun 06-Dec-15 21:54:06

we were called Friday morning - coming on Tues for 3 days......

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