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How to help the NQT next door to me?

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MeriMeriQuiteContrary Sat 05-Dec-15 11:13:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

parrotonmyshoulder Sat 05-Dec-15 11:20:14

Sounds a bit infuriating, but don't you remember how hard it is? When you have to think of everything because you haven't done it before?

I've been teaching for 18 years but still need help when I change schools. Christmas is different everywhere, let alone all the systems and procedures to do with teaching and learning! I make a conscious effort to ask different people things I need to know, so that nobody feels overloaded with helping me. As an experienced teacher though, I can easily work out who to ask, and even what to ask! Could you help her try the same idea? You might need to get some colleagues on board and then you could say 'Oh, Margaret is great at displays, you could try asking her' and so on. Or is that too spoon-feedy too?

I see your predicament, but I feel sorry for her!

MeriMeriQuiteContrary Sat 05-Dec-15 11:24:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

parrotonmyshoulder Sat 05-Dec-15 11:28:57

Maybe I didn't explain myself well. I don't really mean things like lesson ideas (I loved that too), but the tiny little details that we know so well we don't need to think about them. Using the right pen for the register, filing the planning in the right place on the server, I don't know, the things you don't learn at college! It's difficult and stressful remembering all those things. So it's hard to have room for all the other stuff.

Or maybe she's just annoying. I'm feeling generous!

Jinglebells99 Sat 05-Dec-15 11:38:30

Can't help, but your thread title is the total opposite of what you're asking?! It sounds like you mean "how can I help the nqt next door to be more independent or to leave me alone ?" Perhaps you need to keep referring her back to her mentor. She does sound out of her depth. It sounds like you are getting frustrated by her failings, but how does it really impact you? Will it reflect badly on you, are you supposed to be working as a team, or can you just let her get on with it, mistakes and all?!

MeriMeriQuiteContrary Sat 05-Dec-15 11:38:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MeriMeriQuiteContrary Sat 05-Dec-15 11:40:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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