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Qualified teacher doing tutoring for first time...advice please!

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tentothesix Thu 19-Nov-15 16:52:03

Hello all was hoping for some advice.

I'm a year 3/4 teacher and about to begin some private tuition for a girl in y3 for maths.

I've never done tuition before was wondering - what does a first session look like? Do you go straight into things or more get to know you session?

How do you go about initially assessing where the child is to support them?

What do you take with you in the way of resources?

Thanks in advance.

Footofthestairs Fri 18-Dec-15 10:33:08

Bump. Interested in any replies.

Geraniumred Fri 18-Dec-15 22:26:21

Usually the parent will let you know what they want their child to be doing. Sometimes a child is able to bring work they have completed elsewhere with them, so it is easy to see where the problems are. If they don't do any of that that then it is not hard to assess them yourself. I tend to go straight into things. I tutor another subject but take with me the planned work for the evening, homework and whatever textbooks are needed. Often I will start a session with a 5 minute warm up exercise. I will take notes as a session goes on of anything that needs more work. I provide an exercise book for them to keep their work in.

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