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Teacher getting SENCO in for child, what can I expect?

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TribbleNamedDave Tue 17-Nov-15 21:38:43

There have been a few issues with my child as he's started primary school (and if I'm honest, I've picked up on some things myself at home). The teacher has said that they're getting a SENCO in to observe him. What can I expect, if anything?

QueenofLouisiana Tue 17-Nov-15 21:51:15

The SENCO will just be another teacher, with additional training/ interest. Experience of working with children with additional needs. They may recommend techniques tithe teacher to support your DC in class, consider a referral to something like speech threat or meet you to see if there is anything else they need to know.

Ask to meet the SENCO either before or after- usually we are keen to meet parents as if helps get a rounded view of the child.

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