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Bring in your own artefact interview activity

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Mumsaysno Mon 16-Nov-15 15:41:49

I have been shortlisted for a TA position and the interview in this Friday.

For the task I have to show the children (10 mixed ability Year 4) an artefact that I have brought in (what is even classed as an artefact?) and ask them to come up with questions they would like to ask me about it. Then lead a discussion about the artefact encouraging the children to use appropriate descriptive language in their questions and answers.

I have to work on the following objectives

1. I can take part in a considered discussion about an artefact, taking turns and listening to what others say.
2. I can ask relevant questions with reasoning and use different types of scientific enquiries to answer them.

Not sure if the discussion I have to lead is a q&a with them asking me questions about the artefact.

Never worked in year 4 before so not really sure what descriptive language or scientific enquiries they will be looking for.

Any help gratefully received.


TenThousandSpoons Mon 16-Nov-15 22:32:00

How about a mysterious old key? That could generate some interesting questions.

TenThousandSpoons Mon 16-Nov-15 22:33:23

Hmm actually that won't be ver scientific - was thinking more of imaginative questions. Will have another think and have bumped your thread at least smile

AtSea1979 Mon 16-Nov-15 22:34:37

Best start reading the year 4 klips so you know where they are at.
Like the key idea.

TenThousandSpoons Mon 16-Nov-15 22:37:20

Something from nature like a bird's nest. So they can ask What type of bird made it? Where did you find it? What has the bird used? Etc.
I'm not sure what "different types of scientific enquires" means either. But the birds nest example lends itself to some science but also descriptive language. Good luck.

SisterViktorine Tue 17-Nov-15 06:42:37

I think I would take in a wrapped box. This can lead to discussion around what it could not be (due to size, weight etc), what it probably isn't (due to value-not a bar of gold, impracticality- not a box of snow or a hamster) and what it might be (making a prediction) based on the available information (size, weight, context- i.e. it is wrapped so probably a gift item).

Then unwrap it to see what it is and make sure there is a sticker inside for each child to finish on.

My top tip for this activity would be to learn and use the children's names. Think of a strategy before hand for how you will remember their names quickly and when you choose who to answer call them by name- it looks impressive and it will improve the behaviour as the children will feel less like they are working with a 'new' adult. Make sure your eye contact is good with the children.

ArmchairTraveller Tue 17-Nov-15 06:50:17

Problem with a bird's nest is it would need to be in a sealed container, thus preventing the children from handling it.

Mumsaysno Tue 17-Nov-15 08:16:18

Thanks for the replies, was thinking of perhaps an old camera so they can compare how people used to take photos and how they take photos now.

Or perhaps a religious artefact like a Koran stand.

Really struggling to come up with suitable ideas, was awake all night as my brain wouldn't switch off.

sashh Wed 18-Nov-15 06:15:48

I have a statue of Ganesh - that could be interesting - do you know what it is? Does it have a name? etc etc - it's carved wood so questions about the carving / wood used as well as what it represents, and I bought it in Bali - what country is Bali in? Where in the world is that?

Have you got something similar? Something you can talk abut the manufacture, what it's used for, what could it be used for - when was it invented? Why is it designed the way it is?

A child's soft toy could be good - does it really look like a bear? Who has been to build a bear? How much does it weigh? How can you estimate how much it weighs. What can you use it for? (pillow, door stop, toy, take home like the class bear, in hospital to show children how temperatures are taken)

Stop thinking about what's interesting, think of a list of scientific questions and find an object to suit.

PotteringAlong Wed 18-Nov-15 06:19:48

If you do write it Qur'an - exam boards / curriculum etc don't spell it Koran now; it's considered bad form to anglicise it!

Mumsaysno Thu 19-Nov-15 07:58:23

Interview is tomorrow. Luckily the lovely teacher I work with at the moment had a didgeridoo and has let me borrow that so all sorted. Hope there's lots of scope there for questions and the use of descriptive language.

Still not sure about the scientific enquiries but though

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