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Likelihood of being made to take on a class when part time?

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LilyW36 Sun 15-Nov-15 16:05:27

I made the decision earlier this year to leave full time classroom teaching for several reasons and I was much happier and less stressed. I have recently been approached by a former colleague who asked if I would be interested in a part time role teaching interventions and doing occasional cover. I would be contracted to the school and that is the part I'm quite unsure about.

I would like this role but I'm unsure how long it would be funded for. In my experience, part time teachers who are not class based are often forced into classroom-based positions long term. This is usually due to the current problems with teacher recruitment/retention in my area and I have seen it happen to several colleagues. The last thing I want is for this job to start out as teaching intervention groups then ending up as a classroom teacher again due to whole school circumstances. As the school currently has a lot of NQTs, I'm worried that I will end up being told to take on a class next year, as I would be one of their most experienced teachers and the SLT have made it clear they want to build up experience within the school.

Is it worth the risk? I would be interested in hearing from people who work part time, or people who work in a non class-based role.

BackforGood Sun 15-Nov-15 22:51:26

Well, they can't force you to do a role you don't want to.
IME, any of these 'intervention' roles are usually funded short term then the person doing them finishes their contract. If it is something funded through either a special funding stream, or through having additional money in the budget due to only employing NQTs, then the school management will know it's only a temporary role and take you on, on a temporary contract, surely?

SisterViktorine Mon 16-Nov-15 06:31:49

Well, they can't force you to do a role you don't want to.

They can because you have to teach what the Head tells you to teach. However, you could make it very clear that you will hand in your resignation the day they ask you to take responsibility for a class. Then the longest they can make you do it for is a term.

If it were me I would take it because it may work out really well. I would just remember where the door was in case it didn't.

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