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Should I let my head know I am doing a masters part time?

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sky1010 Sun 08-Nov-15 22:17:06

I'm about to start writing my personal statement for my Part time masters study. It's going to be a hard slog juggling the two, but I am really keen to go back to uni.

My intended masters is education related, but not anything practical like school leadership or school improvement so it's not like any funding would be available.

Should I send boss head an email this week just letting them know of my intentions?

Still navigating the nuances and politics of my school, so just wanted to sound it here first.

sky1010 Mon 09-Nov-15 17:07:05


PicInAttic Mon 09-Nov-15 20:19:36

I would. Firstly just as good manners but also because there may be a point where switching PPA, questioning school staff or something in school may help. You may also find that they (or someone else on staff) are keen to help in other ways too.

RJnomaaaaaargh Mon 09-Nov-15 20:20:35

Do you need a reference from them?

sky1010 Mon 09-Nov-15 20:36:06

I will need one, but I didn't know whether or not I should 'announce' my intentions before- or just a 'oh hi, I've applied for x, would it be possible to get a reference or can my year leader do it?'

RJnomaaaaaargh Mon 09-Nov-15 20:43:02

Id go talk to them, why wouldn't you?

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